Star Dust to Intelligence


In 1980, I would have thought it was a joke or the person who showed his palm full of dust and claimed that this dust would allow me to see, hear, talk, socialize and express my feelings and emotions with anyone or any group who lives in the other side of globe or navigate me to any undiscovered places or allow me to easily communicate with any tribe in any language or help me control things at long distance remotely or be wise enough to make decisions and answer tough questions so fast that would make anyone’s head spin.

But, this technology is taken for granted now. We didn’t even realize that we made the star dust to think and more intelligent than us.

  1. We want everything to look good out of the box.
  2. Really just the first reason, that’s the whole point of the plugin.
  3. Here’s a third pretend reason though a list with three items looks more realistic than a list with two items.

Typography should be easy

So that’s a header for you — with any luck if we’ve done our job correctly that will look pretty reasonable.

Something a wise person once told me about typography is:

Typography is pretty important if you don’t want your stuff to look like trash. Make it good then it won’t be bad.

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