Slicing Through Mental Noise: Your mind is a ‘Fruit Ninja’ game.


Have you ever played ‘Fruit Ninja’ game? The game throws random fruits at your screen and expect you to strike each one of them to score points. More bigger the fruit, you would score bigger. The game also surprises you with magical fruits that would keep you engaged and motivated to hit the high score of all time. But, the twist would come when the game decide to mix bombs with all these exotic fruits. You touch, You lose! I know it’s frustrating.

To me, my mind is no different from this game. It keeps on throwing exotic fruits and scary bombs in the form of thoughts. It’s up to me to pick what I want. But, my mind makes me to think that’s my life’s goal to strike all of them. Obviously, we would want to avoid the terrifying bombs. Guess what?! No one wins.

Recently, I started asking myself a question. Why am I falling for this game again and again? Why can’t I just sit back and watch as I did when my son played the exact same game in one of his favorites arcades. Now, I am enjoying it without playing it.

Shiva R Dhanuskodi

Shiva R Dhanuskodi

focus on core values and calmly strive for clarity!

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